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Brentwood Collective

Iced Donut | Candle

Iced Donut | Candle

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• Iced Donut Scented Candle •

Everyone deserves a special sweet treat every now and then. This scent is deliciously sweet & undoubtably, instantly identifiable as a yummy iced donut. This bakery treat will give you the at home indulgence we all need at the moment, without the sugar guilt.

Top Notes: Buttercream & Coconut Milk

Middle Notes: Violets, Strawberries & Baked Bread

Base Notes: Icing Sugar & Vanilla Bean

This candle is an exclusive to Handmade Australia and only available in very limited quantity.

All candles by Brentwood Collective are handmade in small batches with natural soy wax. Soy wax is a biodegradable product and vegan friendly. Our candles are cruelty free. No ingredients used in our wax or fragrance oils are tested on animals.

Approximate burn time of 35+ hours.

Product dimensions (including lid):

95mm x 75mm x 75mm (height x width x depth)

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