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Pink Zebra | Joyful Love | Aroma Bracelet

Pink Zebra | Joyful Love | Aroma Bracelet

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• Joyful Love Bracelet •
Pink Zebra Jasper, Rose Quartz & Lava Stone

Pink Zebra Jasper is beautiful in both colour and in its unique pattern, mostly grey with a pink glow and occasional zebra striped appearance. The stone is traditionally known as a nurturing stone by providing protection and giving an uplifting boost, bringing joyful satisfaction and grounding contentment when worn close to the skin.

Paired with rose quartz, a soft pink gemstone, which brings unconditional love. Opening the heart, this stone restores harmony in relationships and promotes love, friendships and peace within yourself.

Both these stones match with the porous lava stone and a hint of rose gold embellishment bringing you elation and joyful love.

This bracelet can be worn as it comes, or can be used as an aroma bracelet to diffuse your choice of essential oil. When worn with essential oil the lava stone absorbs the fragrance and naturally diffuse through the day. Simply place one drop of oil on any of the white lava stone beads and the scent will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the oil used.

All bracelets are designed and made to a standard 7 inch internal diameter. Additional length can be added upon request*, however please note the design of the bracelet will alter slightly to allow for appropriate number of beads.

Please keep in mind these bracelets are handmade from natural materials, therefore each bracelet will be unique and may vary slightly to the photo.

*Please contact prior to purchase if you would like the size altered.

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